Friday morning finance report shows $12

Friday morning finance report shows $12.5 billion in losses for the state over the final seven months of fiscal 2017. That would add up to a $1.48 billion loss for the last week before the January 5 budget deadline. It would be the fifth straight year of the state’s first budget shortfall.

It’s not clear how the state’s financial situation could change since it may not know what to do in light of the announcement of a statewide referendum on an alternative sales tax — it was set to be held June 6 — and the possible implementation of a new sales tax for recreational marijuana in October, a key measure in the state’s marijuana legalization fight.

The state’s new governor, Mike Beebe, announced on Thursday his plans to issue $1 billion in bond credits to finance th바카라e upcoming recreational tax on marijuana. The state’s treasurer, Brian Kappes, has also been pushing to have the state pass a sales tax as well.

But he also told The바카라사이트 Seattle Times on Monday that he has been approached by businesses in Colorado, Washington and other states to join other states in passing new recreational marijuana sales tax legislation.

“We are in negotiations with individuals and businesses in California and other states as well to get tax reform passed as an initiative, including the tax on marijuana,” he said. “And I’ll be sure to share details with you soon.”

“But I can tell you I’m confident that, as they’ve said, this will ultimately be a successful, positive, tax reform initiative,” he added.

Beebe and Kappes are e우리카지노xpected to announce the state’s next budget on May 12.

In the interim, lawmakers have also been discussing tax reform. If they pass the tax on marijuana, they would likely be moving to tax the substance’s profits — a possibility that would require a ballot measure to achieve by the end of this year. That would likely be possible. If a legal recreational marijuana market is established, it is not certain that sales tax revenues will be maintained, but it is considered an option.

On Tuesday, Gov. Jay Inslee told the Associated Press that he and some colleagues have reached an “early-phase” agreement with lawmakers to allow for a public vote on whether to allow public vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana use before the start of the 2018 legislative session in 2018, but that the measure would be decided later in the process.

“I have reached an agreement with some of my colleagues to discuss this concept at some point in the legislative sessio

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